Enrich Day – Organic Day Cream
  • Enrich Day – Organic Day Cream

    This Enrich Organic Day Cream helps to nourish, maintain and replenish normal / combination skin. It has a light floral scent with a hint of rose.


    How do the fabulous natural ingredients in this organic moisturiser work?

    • Organic fair trade Shea butter is the base ingredient of this face cream. It is very rich in Vitamins A and E. Organic Shea butter helps moisturise deep down and leaves your skin feeling soft and replenished. It can also help protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation with mild natural SPF properties.
    • Conscious Skincare have also added Organic Avocado oil to help nourish your skin and give it a wonderful lustre.
    • Organic Avocado oil contains proteins, omega-3 fatty acids and unsaturated fats. These actives are all highly beneficial for your skin. This wonderful oil also contains a natural substance called Sterolin. This helps to reduce age related spots and can also soften facial skin. The antioxidants it contains (vitamins A, D and E) can also help with skin suppleness.
    • Organic Lavender essential oil has wonderful skin toning properties. It also has cleansing benefits and helps to reduce any redness and skin irritation.
    • Organic Geranium oil helps improve circulation whilst also keeping your skin feeling soft and supple. Added benefits are toning, skin regeneration and anti aging properties.


    A wonderfully rich and replenishing Enrich Day Organic Moisturiser can help your facial skin with the battles of modern life! Available in plastic free 60ml.


    As all of their face creams are anhydrous (do not contain water), you will only need a very small quantity to moisturise your skin. A little goes a long way!

    As part of your organic skincare routine, they recommend using this cream in combination with their ‘Enrich‘ skincare products.


    Their Skincare range gained ‘Best Buy’ from Ethical Consumer with the one of the top scores of over 70 brands rated!


    This organic face cream is free from synthetic preservatives, parabens and phtalates.


    Fairtrade base ingredient. The karite trees from which the raw Shea ingredients come from are cultivated by a certified fair trade cooperative in Ghana. It was built to give local people an opportunity to overcome severe poverty.


    We carry the Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free logo on all of their skincare products and are also approved by the Vegetarian Society and  PETA

    Vegan friendly.


      Purchase online and visit Space to collect your goodies :)