Lemon & Frankincense Solid Shampoo Bar - For normal to oily hair

Lemon & Frankincense Solid Shampoo Bar - For normal to oily hair

Wake up to the zesty clean smell of lemon and rich, calming frankincense for an instant feel-good, uplifting start to the day. As well as smelling delicious, the lemon and frankincense combination is great for balancing oily hair.


Organic shea butter, virgin coconut oil and gentle cleansers ensure that your hair is soft and cared for, leaving healthy, clean hair.


If you are busy and like to keep things simple you'll be pleased to know that the ingredients in these bars are also great for your skin, which means that you can take just one bar into the shower and use for hair and body. 


The Solid Shampoo Bars are easy to use, just wet hair, swipe the bar over your head a few times, massage into a creamy lather and rinse. 


Inanna's Daughter shampoo and conditioners are supplied as 100g chunky bars and will give you approximately 50 washes or more. The shampoo bars are softer than the conditioner bars, which often last much longer than 50 washes.

Sodium cocoyl Isethionate Tapioca Starch Stearic Acid Caprylic / capric triglyceride (coconut oil) Glycerin Aqua Buttrospermum parkii (shea) Butter Coco-Glucoside Glyceryl oleate Inulin Citrus limon peel oil Benzyl alcohol Boswellia carterii oil Tocopherol Dehydroacetic acid Helianthus annuus seed oil *Limonene Linalol * Naturally present in essential oil


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