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What is Sophrology?

Created by neuropsychiatrist Prof. Alfonso Caycedo in the 1960s, sophrology is a unique blend of Western and Eastern traditions and philosophies that encompasses hypnosis, specific visualisation and meditation, breathing, gentle dynamic movement, and mindfulness, in order to strengthen the balance between body, heart and mind.
Sophrology uses body awareness and suggestions to strengthen the body/mind/heart connection, and uncover your inner resources to guide you towards improved well-being and reach your personal objectives.

Sophrology is indicated in a wide range of areas; from self-development, stress and anxiety management, pregnancy and birth preparation, event/exam preparation, athletes mental preparation, pain management, interpersonal communication, concentration, sleep, phobia, weight management, to complementary therapy to medical treatments such as e.g. cancer treatments or depression. Those are just examples of how widely this method can be implemented.

Although not well-known (yet) in the UK, this method has been widely used in continental Europe for decades in numerous settings, including hospitals, schools, businesses, and in sports, and is even reimbursed by health insurance schemes in Switzerland and France for example.

What to expect:

- A first session during which we discuss your background and objective,

and then usually 8 to 12 sessions to help you achieve your objective.

- First session is 1h30m and £70

- Following sessions are +/- 1h and £55