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All of these treatments are offered by experienced Energy Healer Jen Styles who is also a Spiritual Teacher.


Jen has created some opening offers for Space clients that you cannot book anywhere else. There are 10 appointments available across the range of Services at this opening offer rate. Then Normal pricing will resume.


Meeting with your Spirit Guides for your business needs is like having your own Virtual Board, with nothing else on the agenda but helping you. No need to worry about Shareholders or Non-Execs giving their opinion at this early stage of your idea. 

Your Spirit Guides can see the whole picture and will give you as much advice as they feel that you need to make or take the next steps.

If it’s clarity that you seek, your Spirit Guides have the answer.

30m      (Intro price) £50    (Full Price) £77


We know that everyone is born with a connection to their Spirit Guides and that not everyone chooses to establish a connection early on. Connecting with your Spirit Guides is like going for a run. In the beginning, it’s challenging with many breaks for a rest, but eventually you can complete a full circuit: the same can be said for connecting with Spirit. It just takes practice!

This session is designed to boost your signal so that you can receive messages again, and if you’ve found your way here, then your Spirit Guides are waiting for you.

1h      (Intro price) £78    (Full Price) £97

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