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Hi, I’m Amanda.


Amanda Butler at Chalice Therapies (MSc Psychology, MA Education, Dip Counselling, Dip (Mixed)
Holistic Therapies). Holistic Therapist, Counsellor and Teacher.

I specialise in stress relieving therapies based on mindfulness-based practices. Over 18 years’ experience supporting individuals, groups, colleges, local authorities, NHS patients, multi-faith communities, community interest groups and corporate organisations, with holistic based interventions and education. I provide and teach a wonderful range of therapies that support emotional and physical health, general wellbeing and professional/personal performance. 

  • Mindfulness and meditation: Learn to create space in your life, still a busy mind, rest the body and create focus that supports wellbeing. Working with scientific-evidence based and transpersonal techniques, mindfulness and regular meditative practice is clinically proven to alleviate anxiety, stress and an over-thinking mind. Being able to relax may feel impossible, but is so important in a world that can feel overwhelming. The good news is meditation and deep relaxation methods can be taught and successfully experienced, supporting a calmer mind, clearer thinking and quality sleep. Mindful activities may also include body and energy therapies, creative art activities, body movement, dream/archetype work, journeying, sound and labyrinth walking.


  • Stress reducing holistic therapies include reflexology, aromatherapy massage (signature blends are created using Glastonbury’s Starchild essential oils) and reiki/energy work. Therapies may be combined, providing mindfully grounding, deeply relaxing or uplifting experiences that work on physical, psychological and energetic levels.  

  • Talking therapies (counselling, coaching and chaplaincy/companion work). Talking to someone who is not going to judge but with compassion, support you to explore feelings and behaviours can be incredibly liberating, validating and stress reducing. I work within a range of modalities (depending on client’s requirements) including Mindfulness Now stress reduction, person centred, brief therapy, Gestalt, solution-focused, psycho-spiritual, psycho-educational, eco/nature and positive psychology-based principles. Teaching, training and qualification programmes available.


  • Chalice aromatics and crafts. Beautiful, mindfully made hand crafted products. Candles packed with essential oils and home grown/prepared blooms for relaxation and ritual.


If you would like any further information or general advice on how therapies and training can improve stress levels, aid relaxation and improve personal and professional wellbeing, please get in touch.  An initial discussion and assessment will take place over the telephone prior to your first session to discuss any concerns, aims, contraindications and aftercare advice.  

Also: Corporate wellbeing education programmes, mental health and wellbeing training, workplace therapies, healthcare schemes, community projects, retreats, women’s circles and training courses available on request. Qualified teacher and assessor.

I am available at Space Therapies by appointment only throughout the week.

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