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Now more than ever, people are taking health into their own hands. With an unfortunate failing of our much treasured NHS, the normal prescriptive conveyor belt of healthcare is needing to change dramatically.


Here at Space, we strive to bring good health and positive mental well-being to the local community and beyond. With the addition of our Therapy Training School, we will be inviting you to transform your skillset to include that of self-healing and to develop your capacity to heal those around you.


Prevention of illness is key. Diverting our gaze to within equips our minds and bodies to self-heal before sickness manifests itself to all common symptoms of common ailments. Just having an awareness and a connection between body, mind, and spirit can form the foundation of abundant life and existence.


We will have various physical therapies on offer that you can train in and adopt into your everyday life. Whether you decide to use them within close-knit circles, or you choose to embark on a rich and fulfilling healing career, why not begin that journey with Space?


Space Therapies Training School: COMING SOON.


To register your initial interest and to be added to our mailing list, please email us:

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