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With Christmas Day just around the corner, it's the perfect time to show your appreciation and care for the special people in your life. This year, let's go beyond the traditional gifts and offer something truly meaningful that promotes their well-being and relaxation. I'm excited to share with you an exclusive selection of wellness experiences, sound healing sessions, Ayurvedic therapies, massage treatments, and self-care products tailored to celebrate the loved ones in your life.

  1. Wellness Experiences: Give the gift of rejuvenation with our carefully curated wellness experiences designed to revitalise mind, body, and soul. From creative workshops to meditation courses, your loved ones can embark on a transformative journey towards optimal well-being.

  2. Sound Healing Sessions: Help friends and family unwind and find balance with the harmonious vibrations of sound healing. Our expert sound therapist creates an immersive experience using Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, and other therapeutic instruments, facilitating deep relaxation, stress reduction, and mental clarity.

  3. Ayurvedic Therapies: Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of holistic healing, offers a wealth of therapies tailored to individual needs. Treat people in your life to Ayurvedic massages, detoxifying treatments, and personalised wellness consultations that promote balance, vitality, and overall wellness.

  4. Massage Therapy: Ease the stress and tension that can accumulate over time with the gift of massage therapy. Our skilled massage therapists specialise in various techniques, including Sports Massage, deep tissue, and other forms of body massages. Let your loved ones unwind, release muscle tension, and experience a renewed sense of relaxation.

  5. Self-Care Products: Enhance the self-care routine of the people you cherish with our thoughtfully selected products. From aromatic essential oils and organic skincare to Chakra soaps and mindfulness tools, these gifts will empower them to create moments of tranquility and self-care in their everyday lives.

Remember, this Christmas is an opportunity to show your gratitude and love by prioritising the well-being of the people who have always been there for you. By offering the gift of wellness and self-care, you're enabling them to invest in themselves, recharge, and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

To explore our exclusive Christmas gift offerings and learn more about each experience, navigate around our website or reach out to our dedicated team of wellness experts at Space. We are here to help you choose the perfect gift and ensure a memorable and transformative experience for the people in your life.

All anyone really wants is time, time to rest, time to be creative, time to themselves, time to think, time to unwind, time for hobbies, time for joy, and time to relax.


Our time is stretched, we 'don't have the time', we waste time, and we lose track of time. In the busyness of modern living, time has become both finite and desired, something we are relentlessly working towards. When we reach the time we're chasing, it fleets past as quickly as a hare and rarely does exhaustion allow us to use it. We're so tired after work, life admin, and looking after others we often forget to look after ourselves.


Time has become a currency, and when it comes to our needs, we spend it cautiously. With this in mind, consider gifting someone time for their well-being with one of our vouchers this season. Our Personalised Valentines Gift Vouchers are both thoughtful and sustainable, providing your loved one with something to look forward to whilst supporting their self-care and well-being.

Our vouchers can be used for treatments, events or eco-conscious products in our sustainable gift shop. Potential treatments include:

Massage Therapy * Reflexology * Reiki * Sound Baths * Aromatherapy * Skincare Facials * Meditation * Moon Circles * Therapeutic Practices

Order a voucher with Holli via the button below!

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