Making time for you...

In today’s busy world we can often forget to make time for ourselves. This course will give you tools that you can rely on to live a more peaceful, present and calm life.

An enjoyable, informative and friendly session that will introduce you to different types of meditation in a relaxed atmosphere.

What is Meditation?

There are many different ways of describing meditation. This is because meditation is a personal experience and individuals will experience different aspects of the practice and will also come to the practice for different reasons.

For Becky, Meditation is a way to make time for herself, to pause, let her body rest and her mind be present.

There are lots of different types of meditation, some involving prayer beads or mantras, some focusing solely on the breath, some requiring the meditator to visualise and many more. This is great as it means that people can find the right style or styles to suit them and means that meditation is adaptable to individuals and also situations.  

There are also many common misconceptions about meditation with the main one being that meditation is about pushing away thoughts. Often people say they cannot meditate as they ‘have too many thoughts’ and they find it ‘impossible to focus on nothing.’ However, meditation isn’t about switching off the mind or stopping thoughts, it is about allowing thoughts to come, recognising them and letting them go.  

During the sessions with Becky she will explore what style of meditation is right for you and encourage you to meditate in a way that works for you. 

Who is the course for?

The course is for anyone! You may be completely new to meditation and want to give it a go, you may be returning to meditation after a break or maybe you want to develop what you already know.

What the Introduction course covers...

In this six week Introduction to Meditation course you will be introduced to eight different meditations as well as have a series of talks and discussions such as What is Meditation?, The History of Meditation and The Science Behind Meditation.

The sessions, lasting one hour, will be at Space Therapies in a 1:1 setting, providing you with a safe, nurturing space for a deep and nourishing meditation experience.

You will be encouraged to practice on your own during the week and Becky will provide helpful written guides and guided meditation audio recordings of what you cover in the sessions to help you.

6 week course 1:1    £190