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Arlene Burnett

Hi, I’m Arlene.


I am a Medical Herbalist and educator based in the West Midlands. I graduated from the Botanica School of Herbal Medicine and am a member of the National Institute of Herbal Medicine, the largest body of professional medical herbalists in the UK, which has operated since 1864. I run workshops and talks on herbal medicine and how to integrate medicinal herbs into everyday life. I am also the founder and owner of the herbal tea company Queen of Camellias.

I am passionate about health, well-being and education. I am also passionate about nature and the environment and believe in using good quality ethical, and sustainable ingredients for herbal medicines, many of which are homegrown using organic principles.

Living in towns and cities, we can become disconnected from nature; herbal medicine is a way of connecting with plants. I feel privileged to be in a situation where I work with both plants and people, and I am keen to share my love of plants and medicine with you on your journey to better health.

Is Herbal Medicine for you?

Western Herbal Medicine combines the knowledge of traditional plant-based medicine and the latest scientific research. The focus is the whole person and the cause of illness: Herbal Medicine aims to restore balance, and the patient is active in their healing.

Western Herbal Medicine can be used to treat both acute and chronic conditions, for example, digestive complaints such as IBS, hormonal issues such as premenstrual syndrome and menopausal symptoms. Western Herbal Medicine can be used to assist with complaints such as fatigue, debility, lack of energy, low mood, stress and anxiety, as well as supporting the immune system and the cardiovascular system.


Allergies such as hay fever and skin conditions are also treated with Herbal Medicine.

What to expect

An initial consultation usually lasts around an hour. During this session an in-depth medical history will be taken, such as past medical history as well as current complaints, medications, diet and lifestyle, to get a comprehensive picture.


Depending on the diagnosis, a tailored prescription will be made at my dispensary and posted to you based on the detailed information and any examination required. Prescriptions may be herbal tinctures, teas, capsules or creams, depending on what is required.

Follow-up consultations last up to 30 minutes and usually take place 4 weeks after the initial consultation.



Initial consultation – 1 hour - £65

Follow up consultations – up to 30 mins £30


Herbal medicines are at an additional cost –

Tinctures – £10 per 100ml (usually 1 weeks’ worth of medicine)

Herbal Teas - £10 per 100g (approx. 1 month’s prescript)

Capsules, glycerites and syrups – variable

Creams, balms, pessaries – variable


I aim to keep consultation and medicine costs as low as possible, however I am aware that not everyone can afford Herbal Medicine which is why I offer the ‘Pay it Forwards’ option. By paying an additional amount, you are supporting someone who cannot afford their medicine. This means if you are struggling you may be able to receive a free medicine – please note this is not always available.

£2 – every penny helps someone with their medicine, thank you

£5 – 50g herbal tea

£10 – one week’s tincture/ 100g herbal tea

£10 – cream/syrup

£20 – a months tea and a syrup/cream

£50 – one month’s medicine


Western Herbal Medicine


Herbal Medicine is a holistic approach to medicine and has been used for thousands of years. Focusing on the patient and the cause of illness, Herbal Medicine aims to restore, balance and facilitate healing, enabling the patient to take an active part in their health. Western Herbal Medicine combines traditional knowledge with the latest scientific research.

Available at Space Therapies on booking, every first Thursday of the month for drop-ins, and events on natural wellness.

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