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Hi, I’m Awen.


I've been an energy healer for over 20 years, starting with learning Reiki and then in more recent years moving into shamanic healing techniques. 


I work with people from all walks of life, and who come to me for a variety of reasons.  I believe that intuitive energy work can help people to resolve difficulties on unseen levels.  Due to my experience as an end-of-life chaplain and funeral director, I am particularly interested in working with people who are dealing with grief and loss.  Energy work can be very supportive when going through the journey of losing someone close.

Treatments I offer


  • Intuitive Energy Session - lasting up to an hour, I will work with you energetically in an intuitive way. This might include performing power retrieval or cord cutting or other energy clearings. No two treatments are the same! The energy will go where it needs to based on how you come to the session. £45

  • Grief Cocoon Ceremony - lasting up to 1.5 hours, this ceremony is for those who are ready to move forward from a grief journey but need some energetic support to help them move.  You are given space to be heard and witnessed in your story, then wrapped in a cocoon of blankets whilst receiving intuitive energy healing, completing with a supportive herbal tea. £75

Treatments are available by appointment on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings between 5pm - 9pm.

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