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Compassionate, tailored, immediate counselling & bespoke products/resources for all subjected to sexual violence & abuse.

Led by lived experience, GINA offers immediate specialist counselling for individuals subjected to sexual violence & abuse. Amy Watson is one of our GINA counsellors who is based at Space Therapies.

Our counselling sessions are 50mins long & are £45 a session.


Counselling sessions provide you with an opportunity to build a supportive & collaborative relationships with your counsellor; this space will allow you to explore the impacts of sexual violence & abuse, acknowledge your strengths/the ways you've coped with trauma & explore any changes you wish to make to create the life you desire.


We take an approach which acknowledges trauma can be carried within ourselves. This approach recognises experience, understands responses to experiences that are overwhelming as normal, rational & often really sensible, explores stories, rejects labels, seeks to redress power imbalance & builds upon foundations of empowerment and connection. Instead of labelling you or the ways you have coped with sexual violence & abuse, GINA will focus on your strengths, how these helped you survive & explore how they can be built on.


Available every Tuesday 2-6pm by appointment only from 5th September.



Social media: Instagram & twitter: @gina_cic. Facebook & Linkedin: GINA CIC

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