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Hi, I’m Laetitia.


Welcome to Sophro by Nature, your Certified & fully-insured Relaxation & Sophrology Therapist based in South Birmingham, UK. I am here to guide you through your stress and health-related issues, holistically and durably.


Would you like to access mindfulness, breathing techniques, body and mind relaxations, therapeutic movement, visualisations, meditations, NLP, hypnosis, self-conditioning, lifestyle, sleep, and eating coaching all at once - and all tailored to your needs?


With Relaxation and Sophrology Therapy it is possible for everyone to find the right solutions for them.

I offer a holistic, powerful, structured method that combines relaxation therapy, Western science, and Eastern traditions to reduce stress, soothe your body, appease your mind and emotions, and improve your sense of well-being durably.
I use techniques that are advocated for by the NHS and supported by research.

As a Complementary Health Therapist, I can help you with the following: 

  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Sleep

  • Long COVID

  • Cancer

  • Depression

  • Burn-out

  • ADHD

  • Weight Management

  • and any chronic health conditions for which stress and pain are major triggers.

Sophrology is also used to strengthen your mindset and regulate your emotions for:

  1. Perinatal and Parenthood Support

  2. Life Transitions

  3. Stressful Events


“There’s a new relaxation technique in town and it’s here to stay. Sophrology may not sound familiar to you, yet: as a complementary health technique it’s been around for over fifty years in Continental Europe… with great reviews from those who have tried it, Sophrology is the new frontier in stress management.”


The Huffington Post Read more here.



"Amazing!! Laetitia is amazing! I got pregnant at the beginning of the pandemic and Laetitia offered to do one-to-one sessions (online) throughout my pregnancy. It helped me so much to keep my anxiety as low as possible! I could not recommend it enough! Best self-care you could gift yourself during your pregnancy!"
Charlotte - Membership Manager

"I confess that for unknown reasons I had not been sleeping that well for a while, so yes I tried sophrology yesterday... I went to one session with Laetitia and believe it or not I slept like a baby last night! As therapists, we always look after other people n forget about how to treat ourselves. Anybody can suffer from stress n tension in the body n everybody thinks they know how to relax till u tried sophrology... I think sophrology teaches you how to relax n how to concentrate, which is very helpful for people working under pressure or who have been building up stress for a long time... If you also suffer from similar symptoms, or just for general well-being, give sophrology a try. It may help! Thumbs up for Sophro by Nature"
Karen - Therapist

”I very much enjoyed the session yesterday. For the first time in a month I have no contracted neck, jaws, shoulders. I slept quickly at night (it takes me about 2h to relax to sleep once in bed, this time it took me 30 mins!).  The bubble image was appropriate and useful, I still can picture it in my head in spite of not having gone through the exercise quite completely. Also the forest, and the bubbles coming... The tone was soft, the rhythm slow, I even totally disconnected at points. This hardly ever happens to me, I remember spending mindfulness classes wishing for it to finish :D”
Maria - Lecturer


"This was my first experience of Sophrology and I knew that it was focussing on relaxation methods but I wasn't prepared for just how relaxing it could be! Laetitia held space for our small group and talked us through 3 stages of relaxation: breathing techniques, dynamic movement and a guided meditation. I have never fallen asleep sitting up without a significant back to my chair, but I almost did numerous times. This is definitely testament to how relaxing the combination of techniques were and how calming and soothing Laetitia's voice and overall nature is. I would definitely recommend Sophrology to people who may be put off by their immediate reaction to meditation. These sessions with combined methods of relaxation are very effective."
Holli - Director

I am available at Space Therapies by appointment only.

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