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Hi, I’m Babb.


I’m Babb (she/her) and I’m a meditation teacher, a sound meditation practitioner, an energy worker, and a Pagan priestess initiate.

My journey with meditation started as a way of managing mental health struggles. Meditation, therapy, wellbeing practices, and exploring spirituality has given me tools to be more resilient and to live wholeheartedly and I love sharing this with others.

From Sound Baths, to nature based wellbeing practices, from secular practices to more spiritual offerings.


I can offer any of the following as for groups or on a 121 basis.

One-off mindfulness or meditation instruction

Mindfulness or meditation courses

Sound Baths

Mindfulness in nature

Mindfulness photography workshops

Energy work and deep relaxation

You'll find me at Space every month offering a group Soul Circle.

All Clearspace offerings are about connecting with self, or others through community.

Self-awareness, mindfulness, self-care, and positive relationships all contribute to our resilience which, in turn, helps us to manage the difficulties we experience while being human.

Thank you for being here. It’s an absolute honour to hold space for you.

Available at Space Therapies by appointment only.

Soul Circle is the last Sunday of every month throughout 2023.

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