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Moon Stages


Birmingham with Moon Circles with Natasha - By the Light of the moon

Moon circles are open to anyone who would like to harness the power of the moon's feminine energy. Just by simply being aware of the lunar phases and how you relate to them can help with your spiritual understanding, manifesting, and can help with many other aspects of life.

In-person Moon Circles where we meet every New Moon and Full Moon £15 per circle or if you book

upfront each month for two circles, then this would be £28 for both.


New Moons are a reset, a time for new beginnings and setting your intentions for the month ahead.


Full Moons are for releasing and forgiveness.

Circles are a place where women can gather and share stories or challenges in a safe place without judgement or competitiveness. It's a place where honesty rules, and you can honour your most

authentic self. You can cry, laugh, grieve, and ask for counsel if it helps. It is a place to understand

more about life and how our reactions can affect our relationships and our reality. Where you can

make strong connections with other women who share experiences similar to yours. Somewhere

where a problem shared will make you feel supported and empowered to navigate through anything

life throws at you.

There is so much pressure on women to be the best they can be as a mother, sister, wife, daughter,

friend and colleague – it is no surprise that we can succumb to comparing ourselves to others, self-doubt and, at times, self-sabotage as we can be vibrating in a negative frequency even if it is not intentional.

By taking time to reconnect with our sisters those feelings diminish, and we feel stronger, more

empowered, happier and more content - vibrating on a really positive frequency makes it

easier for us to attract everything we desire!

Everything you share in circle, stays in circle. Thanks to your sisterhood of trusted companions supporting you to remove any baggage and unleash your true self.

We cover different themes with each circle depending on what astrological sign the moon is in when we meet. We look at different areas such as manifestation and the law of attraction, meditations, sound healing/shamanic drumming, crystals, visualization, goal setting, rituals, affirmations, spiritual work and much more.

If you would like to know more we would love to hear from you! Please contact Holli at Space Therapies alternatively, you can email Natasha or find me on Instagram @bythelightofthemoon_uk

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