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Upcoming Reiki Courses Birmingham 2024. 

Reiki courses Birmingham
Find balance with reiki

Hosted by Reiki Master Michelle Piggott.


Reiki 1 25th Feb, 24th March, 28th April, 2nd June, 8th Sept, 13th Oct or 17th Nov.

1 day course.

  • Tired of feeling anxious, stressed, blocked and unable to move forward in life?

  • Want to learn a new skill?

  • Strengthen your spiritual practice?

  • Raise your vibration?

Reiki 1 is the perfect starting point.

Learning the art of Reiki gives you a practical way to take your health and well-being into your own hands.

During our Reiki Courses Birmingham, you'll learn how to heal any past or current imbalances and use that ability to improve both your personal health and the health of loved ones.

Reiki 2

7th & 14th Jan.

3rd & 10th March.

23rd & 30th June.

22nd & 28th Sept.

1 day in-person & 1 day online.

Upon receiving your Reiki 2 you will become a fully-fledged Reiki practitioner and be provided with everything that’s needed to start practising Reiki on the general public (consultation forms, insurance information, UK Reiki Federation details).

Reiki 3

4th Feb.

14th July.

1 day course.


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