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From Preconception to Postnatal Support

The treatments listed below are all tailored to meet the specific needs of the expectant Mum.

This treatment aims to prepare the body for pregnancy, to balance hormones and support with aid of conception.
It includes a back, neck, head & abdominal massage along with some acupressure on the feet.
Recommended weekly treatments for 12 weeks.
£40 per treatment = £480 course.

This is for clients of mine who I have seen before due to the delicacy of the first trimester. It aims to continue to balance the body & hopefully support the uterus in it's role during this time.
It includes: head & neck massage along with specific acupressure points on the feet.
£30 per treatment - one per month.

This treatment aims to soothe and support the common aches & pains often experienced during pregnancy.
It includes: back, shoulder, head, neck, face & abdominal massage, working on neuro-lymphatic points around the body & acupressure points on the feet.
3-8 months: minimum monthly massage recommended.
9th month: weekly massage recommended.
£60 per treatment.

After pregnancy and birth the female body goes through another dramatic change, trying to return to it's original way of functioning. This treatment hopes to bring about balance, ease physical & mental fatigue whilst generally creating a feeling of rest and recuperation.
It includes a back, lower back, hips, neck, shoulders & abdomen massage (if required) and acupressure on the feet.
Suitable 1 week post-birth and recommended weekly for 6-8 weeks.
£60 per treatment.

Please contact me for more information.
Costs are to be discussed with the parent/s to be.


This treatment is adapted from regular Reflexology, using techniques devised by renowned Midwife and Reflexologist Suzanne Enzer. Specifically for use on women during their pregnancy, it supports and nurtures the Mum to be, encouraging relaxation and relief from minor aches and pains in and around the feet.

​Partners are not left out of the experience! If the expectant couple wish to make a joint booking then there are discounts available*

​1h     £60

*The appointments must be one after the other on the same day.

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