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I wonder what it was that led you here to this page, to consider accessing some support from Psychotherapy.


It may be that you are struggling with work relationship pressures, feeling anxious all the time.

There may be something unhelpful in the way for you that makes daily living a real challenge.

Perhaps you have struggled for a long time and you don’t feel anything or anyone has helped.

Is there something that has happened or not happened to you in the past that you wish would not stop you living in the present and experience life fully?

I wonder if you wished things were different for you?

Have you had a change in circumstances or been let down?

Maybe you are unsure as to what is going on for you but you feel that something isn’t right.


These feelings can be overwhelming, isolating and just too much to have to deal with.


Whatever it is, it’s difficult to deal with on your own. Deciding to get some help with how you are feeling can feel an unsettling and daunting process. Cassie respects and welcomes your own uniqueness as a person and provides a safe and warm confidential therapeutic space with no expectations or judgements to explore how you are feeling.

Cassie has experience working with clients that have experienced anxiety, depression, relationship issues, traumatic experiences as well as loss and grief in their lives.

Whatever it is, she will work with you in your relationship together to raise awareness of your own processes and to feel more empowered. In connection with you, Cassie will support you to develop a choicefulness and flexibility in how you can move forward with hope towards the growth and changes that will make a difference in your life. She works in an integrative way, which means that she responds to your individual needs using a variety of approaches. Her approaches are influenced by Gestalt Therapy, Attachment Theory and Interpersonal Neurobiology. She is committed to working with you in alleviating your pain and distress so you can experience a freer and more empowered way of being you.






"Committing to therapy can take courage. If any of this resonates with you and you are interested in exploring Psychotherapy with me further, you are welcome to a free introductory phone call to get an understanding of what brings you to therapy and my approach, to explore if we can work together. We will then meet for an initial assessment.

Face to face sessions are available at Space Therapies by appointment. 

If you would like to know more and would like to talk further I look forward to hearing from you."

50m           £50         In-person

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