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Hi I’m Sandra,


As a person centered therapist I believe in the importance of the relationship formed between us. The acceptance and genuineness on both sides helps create a healthy space for growth. I provide a non-judgemental, non-directive, confidential service. This creates a safe space for you to explore any issues you are facing and this is done at your own pace; with no expectations.

I aim to facilitate a space where you can freely express yourself and discuss what is on your mind or impacting your day to day life. We will use the sessions to explore and enable you to find a way to move forward when you are ready but also equip you with the ability to continue this once therapy has ended.



Anxiety  -  Depression  -  Cultural issues  -  Grief / Loss  -  Stress  -  Trauma  -  Post abortion  -  Gender Identity 

Relationship issues  -  Self harm  -  Bereavement  -  Anger  -  Unplanned pregnancy  -  Abuse  -  Mental health

Pet Therapy

Dogs can play a big role in supporting our mental health and wellbeing; simply stroking a dog can reduce levels of stress, improve our mood and offer emotional support. Having a dog present  in the therapy room can reduce feelings of anxiety, make people feel more at ease and also create a feeling of safety. Pet therapy can especially be effective when working with neurodiversity. I believe there is a lot we can learn from animals but also from how we interact with them.


This is why I have introduced Alfie who is my cavalier king charles spaniel, that I have raised and trained from 12 weeks old. Alfie, like most dogs, is affectionate and loving which can be something we all crave at times. He is happy to sit comfortably in the room during the session or would also sit on your lap or next to you. The amount you interact with him will be up to you.


If having Alfie in the room is something you feel you may benefit from during your sessions, I can arrange for him to attend.



I offer one-to-one counselling and psychotherapy in Birmingham, to adults aged 18 and over.  This can be done face to face or through video calling. Sessions will be on a weekly basis, lasting 50 minutes. This can be short term or long term.


Our initial appointment will include a discussion about what is going on for you, what your expectations are of counselling and an assessment.



£65 - Standard fee
Sessions are available from £65 per 50 minute session for face to face or video calling. Counselling can be booked in blocks of six or on an ongoing basis. Limited number of concessions available. Cash and bank transfer accepted.


Available at Space Therapies via booking.

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