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Hi I’m Stephane,


I am really proud to be the Director of Perpetual Equilibrium and I am honoured to be a committee member of Birmingham Health and Wellbeing Clinic. 

Being a psychologist, a psychotherapist, a Reiki Practitioner, a Right-Mindfulness Teacher helped me to access and integrate current scientific and alternative methods of healing on five aspects of human health – physical, psychological, emotional, energetical and spiritual.  

The journey that I undertook over 30 years ago, and the teachings received from Buddhists and Sikhs Masters, shaped my personal development from which I designed a method of healing through self-discovery; but more so as a practical self-actualisation and self-realisation.

I have certainly a passion to guide individuals who struggle to find their path, who have lost the meaning of life, who feel isolated, who are unsure where to start in maintaining a reasonable health and wellness on a holistic level by helping them craft the life they desire, to discover and nurture their potential, gift, talents and abilities.


My mission is to provide every individual a deep understanding of their own psychology to allow self-growth, self-knowledge and wisdom to reach their full potential.   

Stephan hosts group sessions and individuals at Space Therapies throughout the week.


30 minutes £30, 45 minutes £45 – allow yourself 15 minutes for a debrief of the session.


Benefits include relief of symptoms of stress and anxiety by releasing physical and psychological tension and blocks, chakras balancing, Body Cleanse, improved Skin Conditions, Sleep, Calmness and Focus, Depression, Pain (Physical and Psychological), Trauma, and Addiction.

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