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All of these treatments are offered by experienced Energy Healer Jen Styles who is also a Spiritual Teacher.


Jen has created some opening offers for Space clients that you cannot book anywhere else.


This is a wonderful, short therapy session that will leave you feeling clear-headed, brighter, and grounded. Stagnant energies will be removed from your body and give you a boost of energy. Perfect for you if you work in an open office environment and need a quick energy boost at lunchtime, ready for that all-important afternoon meeting.

30m       £35


This is the Full Energy Cleanse. You have many layers within your Energetic Field and this session is designed to get to the deeper levels and cleanse them. Again, perfect if you work in an open office environment or a factory setting, where you are picking up on multiple energies. Energy is like mud and dust; we pick it up wherever we go. You’ll leave this session feeling like you’ve had a glorious shower from the inside out without getting your hair wet!

1h   £70


Combining the cleansing properties of the Full Energy Cleanse and the Healing properties of Reiki, this is an utterly sublime session that will leave you feeling like a new person! Clear-headed, brighter, balanced and grounded, what more could you ask for. This is the perfect monthly maintenance therapy for your energy and your body.

1h15m  £97


Perfect for those of us who are sensitive to the energies of others, this session offers Protection after the Energy cleanse and Healing are completed. If you find that you are overwhelmed when in large crowds or can be completely deflated after spending time with certain people, then the added element of Protection will help you enjoy these occasions without being affected by them. Great if you and your friends want to attend a concert or festival but also known to be particularly useful around Christmas festivities!

1h30m   £108

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