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Hi, I’m Jen.

I am a Spiritual Teacher and Energy Magician!


I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be working alongside Holli and all the other Therapists at Space.


So what can I tell you about me? I've been working with Spirit Guides for most of my life (40+ years) and love teaching clients to connect with their Spirit Guides: there's so much we can learn from them.


I also adore working with Energy - your Energy to be precise. I love how having an Energy Cleanse can help restore you into a sense of normality; how an Energy Healing session will remove nasty, stuck, toxic energy from your cells and one of my favourite things to do is to teach you how to protect your energy.


However, as much as I love working with Spirit Guides and your Energy, End of Life Soul Transition is my purpose and passion. To provide comfort and reassurance at End of Life and to facilitate the safe passage of the Soul is an absolute honour and one that I treasure. I am truly grateful to all those who I have helped to pass for allowing me to serve them in their time of need.


Outside of working with Spirit, I have 2 allotment plots where I grow my own veggies and cut flowers. Being out in nature is so good for your Soul, and watching all these seeds turn into amazing plants - gorgeous! We're almost self-sufficient but it is rather weather dependent! I have 3 fur babies, all in their elderly years now, and am married to an amazing scientist. We have some interesting conversations!


I'm so looking forward to meeting you and helping you in whatever magical way I can.


In Love & Light

Jen x

Available at Space Therapies:

First Thursday of every month       9am-7pm

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