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Hi, I’m Lyndsey (She/Her),

I help autistic + adhd women who mask come home to themselves and define themselves away from clinical language and societal gaze. For those who want insights from their inner wisdom, build self-care resources, have more fulfilling relationships, and personal and professional lives, discover ways to be themselves and start/continue with meaningful projects creative, business or otherwise, I offer therapeutic somatic coaching.

I do this by helping you explore sensations in the body, feelings, and wisdom in the body to help you get to the authentic truth of how you feel about situations in your life so that you can explore what holds you back and move forward with action steps for where you would like to be.


I studied psychosexual somatics therapy in 2021, I’m studying the women’s inner leadership model for 2024 along with expressive art facilitation in 2023 and also for accreditation with the Association of Coaching. I’m a member of National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists and the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists.


Whether you’re struggling with masking, pleasing, social isolation, or rejection, would like to explore strategies for managing your job or starting your business, self-regulation, handling your cycle and menopause, sex and relationships, navigating autism and ADHD diagnosis and ADHD medication please get in touch for a free discovery call.


Available at Space Therapies by appointment only.


Very best wishes,

Lyndsey (She/Her)


MNCIP (Registered), ASIS, Association of Coaching, 

Therapeutic Somatic Coaching, Expressive Arts Facilitator

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