Hi, I’m Lyndsey (She/Her).


I’m a Trauma-informed Psychosomatics Relationship Coach.

To become a Psychosomatics Coach I graduated from Psychosomatics Therapy®, and Trauma Informed Psychosomatics® Therapy in 2021. Most coaches will attest to finding their vocation through their own work and I’m no different, as I sought to find ways to explore relational trauma and event trauma, regulate my nervous system and integrate challenging life experiences. I kept asking myself a question: how do we become connected to our own needs and feelings, and the needs and feelings of others, so we all get more of what we want in co-creative ways without having to live alone in a cave or compromise ourselves? I’m especially focussed on helping myself and others achieve ways of weaving love and independence together in harmonious relationships and loving ways. It’s like Osho once said, there’s a distinct lack of loving ways in society, and if that wasn’t the case there would be no need for therapy or coaching at all. But all change begins at the individual level and emanates outwards from there, into a kind of quiet, soft power, a strength in presence.


I provide relationship and regulation knowledge for individuals because I believe connection, safety, good emotional management and relationship skills are a human right. No one is an island, and other people and our own bodies and minds are the environment we’re operating in. If you're wanting to get to a more settled inner place, have a more functional relationship with yourself, others, and meet your life goals, you may find working together interesting.


I can offer to hold a nurturing, empathetic space where you begin to heal yourself, looking at areas such as anxious/insecure attachment, creating conscious relationships including sex and intimacy and weaving love and independence together. 


I’m currently studying with Women’s Inner Leadership LTD to become a Women’s Inner Leadership Coach too. Here I’ll be working with the 5 pillars of Love, Sex, Money, Power and Consciousness - all the important things for women, right!? I work with women one to one providing coaching at Space Therapies by appointment only. 

Available at Space Therapies every:

Friday            1pm - 5.30pm