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Our first session together would be an intake session where I get to know a little of what you’d like to work on. If you’d like to know what an intake session looks like have a look at the work with me page on the website ( for a free 15 minute discovery call - intake sessions are slightly deeper versions of these questions. I will take notes and get to know you a bit more.


Sessions together are short term rather than long term therapy and I recommend 1-3 or sometimes up to 6 sessions per 1 ideal future based place you’d like to get to around relationships with yourself and/or others, love, independence, sex and emotional intimacy. It’s important to have a client defined outcome, a positive place you’d like to get to, so we have a map of where we’re going.


Sessions may include meditation, mindfulness, some movement, somatics, talk work, breathing, coaching, neuro regulation, resourcing, drawing and mark making and ring fencing your defined outcome - the place you’d like to get to.


In person sessions available Fridays at Space Therapies


60 minute sessions by appointment only. 

Female focused therapy.


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