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Tarot Reading

Experience an insightful journey with our soul guidance tarot readings. Dionne provides a welcoming and sacred space for you to explore the things that are bought to your awareness. Her approach is collaborative and conversational as she encourages you to trust your intuition also. Tarot readings provide wisdom, clarity and guidance on your path ahead.


Extended Tarot Reading

Extended tarot readings sessions allow for multiple areas of life to be explored in detail.



Readings are strictly for entertainment purposes only and participants must be 18 years old or over. The reading should not be used as a substitute for medical, legal, and financial advice. If the question/theme/request by the user is deemed unreasonable, the reading will not go ahead and a full refund will be given. The user must fully accept responsibility for his/her actions, life choices, and decisions. All readings are private and confidential.



Tarot Reading - 30 mins - £40

Extended Tarot Reading - 60 mins - £60

Combined Tarot and Reiki

Dionne offers a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and energy healing with her unique service. A total mind, body and soul reset. The combined Tarot reading and Reiki Healing offers profound insights into your life's path and the opportunity to cleanse and balance your chakras.

75 mins - £85

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