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Yoga therapy uses evidence-based, simple and accessible practices which include movement, breathwork, guided meditation and relaxation - some of which take as little as 5mins - to support and improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing so that you can thrive in modern life.

Meaning I use yoga therapy to help people move from any painful, difficult or challenging places to somewhere better, more comfortable and at ease.

Therapeutic yoga sessions are rooted in the science of yoga and are therefore a research led and effective wellbeing choice which brings together modern science, biomedicine, neuroscience, psychology, trauma sensitive training, and ancient yoga wisdom.

How can yoga therapy support your wellbeing?

Yoga therapy benefits and supports many aspects of modern life and balanced health including:

  • Finding calm - yoga for managing overwhelm, stress and anxiety to offer you greater balance in everyday life and when you’re under pressure

  • Mood and emotional wellbeing - developing yoga tools to self-soothe, boost and nourish

  • Greater resilience - finding greater personal strength, balance, ease and clarity in these demanding times through tools to help nervous system regulation and balance

  • Fatigue recovery - using therapeutic yoga for chronic fatigue, burnout and cultivating sustainable energy levels

  • Back health - soothing yoga for back pain, improving back strength, uncovering dysfunctional movement habits, living in greater comfort with scoliosis are just some of the areas yoga therapy supports

  • Gut health - supporting and improving digestive system function including yoga for constipation and IBS

  • Muscular skeletal recovery - whether you suffer from shoulder tension, hip pain or an old knee injury, yoga therapy for muscular skeletal recovery works with all aspects of your body to support dysfunctional movement patterns, old and new injures, and post-surgery recovery.

  • Restful sleep - tools from science, breathwork and yoga for better sleep health, sleep recovery, sleep hygiene and insomnia

  • Immune support - from boosting daily immune health to supporting autoimmune conditions, yoga therapy supports rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, diabetes, psoriasis, and other immune conditions

  • Cancer support - gentle therapeutic yoga practices to support anyone affected by cancer at any part of the cancer journey

  • Pain management - mindful therapeutic yoga for reducing, managing and living with pain in greater ease, whether you have acute, recovering or chronic pain, including headaches, migraines, menstruation cramps, joint care, post surgery recovery, or non-specific pain as science and yoga come together to support all aspects of pain management

  • Cardiovascular health - safe yoga practices through mindful yoga tools to support your wellbeing whether you have a high blood pressure or a heart condition

Juliana offers a sliding fee scale depending on your income - she doesn’t ask for proof of income as it is a trust based system.

Fee per session

  • Initial telephone introduction: completely free for all and there is no obligation to continue

  • Earnings up to £20,000: £35

  • £20,001 to £40,000: £55

  • £40,001 to £65,000: £70

  • £65,001 and above: £85

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