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Space to Heal * Space to Grow * Space to Be You

Birmingham's Wellness Experts

Our Journey has brought us here because we sincerely care about your well-being.

We are a holistic well-being centre that provides transformative healing experiences and empowers personal growth. Our team of experienced therapists offers a range of innovative therapies and modalities designed to nurture your whole being.


At Space Therapies, we believe each individual possesses the innate capacity for healing and self-discovery. Our mission is to create a safe and welcoming space to support self-exploration, release emotional blockages, and find harmony within yourself and the world around you.


Through holistic therapies, complementary therapy, counselling, mindfulness practices, sound journeys, wellness events, energy healing, massage therapy and bodywork, we support individuals in overcoming challenges, developing self-awareness, and cultivating resilience. Our therapies promote holistic well-being, emotional healing, and increased self-awareness.


We are committed to providing a nurturing environment that celebrates diversity, cultural sensitivity, and respect for all individuals. We aim to create a supportive therapy centre where individuals can connect, grow, and thrive.

Invest in the well-being of a loved one with our personalised treatment vouchers.



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What Clients Say

"I saw Holli for pregnancy massages every week from 36-41 weeks pregnant. The massages were exactly what I needed and Holli was really flexible on any special requests, on how much pressure to apply, and even included some reflexology for induction when I went overdue. She is incredibly kind and makes you feel really at ease. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her and can’t wait to go back for a massage now I’ve delivered my little one!"
- Kirsty Rankin 
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